Real Property Services, Inc. is committed to providing quality service in a cost efficient manner. Partner Gary Storms leads the maintenance team with years of commercial building maintenance experience since 1996. RPS will provide your building with:

Daily Walk Through

RPS can provide daily walks through your building to check the operation of the mechanical system and look for lighting or plumbing issues. This ensures your building is ready for the day’s events.

24/7 Emergency Staffing

We will provide you with emergency staffing for those unexpected problems.

Building Inspections

We will make sure your building has the inspections that are required by code.

Tenant Satisfaction

RPS provides superior customer service to keep your tenants happy. We realize the cost in replacing tenants is far higher than keeping current tenants satisfied.

Specializing in HVAC Systems, Plumbing, Electrical Systems, and Automation and Door Systems

We specialize in all types of HVAC systems, plumbing, and electrical systems. RPS is proficient in several types of building automation and door systems.

Capital Projects

RPS can provide you with yearly capital project inspections. We can also see the projects thru to completion. RPS will work to provide both preventive and predictive maintenance.